High-growth Sectors

January 3, 2011

by John Hallal

As founder and Principal of Acceleration Law Group in Andover, Massachusetts, I focus on meeting the needs of early-stage firms in high-growth sectors such as information technology, software, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Understanding the needs of emerging businesses in these sectors, I provide aggressive legal counsel on an affordable basis.

My experience in the high-growth and start-up sector is extensive. I spent seven years as an Associate and four as a Partner with Gadsby Hannah, LLP (now McCarter English LLP), handling business disputes, employment issues, and mergers. In 2005, I participated in establishing a start-up company, co-founding Orthosupply Management, LLP. This gave me firsthand experience in many aspects of early-stage business management, from raising money via a hedge fund to designing effective employee compensation structures. In my current practice, I translate this knowledge into focused, no-nonsense legal advice.

Acceleration Law Group represents growth companies in all phases of their life cycles, including business plan development, incorporation, seed capital financing, and venture capital acquisition. We focus on intellectual property protection, employment structures, business partnership strategies, licensing deals, and initial public offerings. Additionally, we offer experience in the sectors in which venture capital funds invest, and we understand the dynamics allowing start-ups to achieve substantial capital investment. We also work with company principals in structuring key employment relationships, arranging equity deals among founders and new employees that offer fair compensation and incentives for growth.

I work extensively with young firms in valuing patents, weighing licensing options, and negotiating deals that benefit them in both the short and long term. In many cases, I work with technology transfer companies as well, crafting viable business strategies.

For further information on how Acceleration Law Group can assist your firm through expertly negotiated and structured venture finance arrangements, carefully managed intellectual property assets, and well-designed employment structure and compensation packages, visit our website at www.accelerationlaw.com.


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