Boston Harbor Angels: Bringing the Benefits of Angel Investment to Boston Entrepreneurs, by John Hallal

April 24, 2013

Angel investing has become the preferred source of seed capital for many small businesses and entrepreneurs across America. Unlike venture capital firms, angel investment clubs generally focus on local companies; after a culling process, investors pool their capital to provide seed or launch stage funding for promising start-ups. After the funding process, some members may choose to retain interest in the company by becoming members of the board.

The Boston Harbor Angels investment group brings together over 50 business leaders to invest in early-stage technology-oriented companies from the medical, information technology, aviation, and business sectors. Currently, Boston Harbor Angels members are supporting investments in the early-stage companies Carbonite, Inc., which just went public, and SmartCells, now owned by Merck.

About the Author: John Hallal is a member of Boston Harbor Angels and also serves as Managing Director of Network Blue, Inc., a business consulting firm based in Andover, Massachusetts. Before becoming a financial adviser, Mr. Hallal practiced law for over ten years. He holds a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School.

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