The Offerings at Acceleration Law

May 21, 2013

Since 2010, John Hallal has served as founder and partner of Acceleration Law. This Andover, Massachusetts, law firm focuses on business law and assists companies in the life sciences, Internet, technology, and software fields.

Emerging businesses can turn to Acceleration Law for aid. Through the firm, they can receive guidance in the form they should take, ways to obtain capital, and the development of their infrastructure.

Executive compensation functions as an important element when drafting contracts for senior members, and John Hallal can create equity agreements beneficial to the company and its employees. The firm also designs contracts related to commercial transactions with vendors, clients, distributors, and other entities.

Many businesses must protect their intellectual property. In addition to defending those whose trademarks, copyrights, and patents have been infringed, Acceleration Law handles the creation of licensing agreements.

This law firm also understands the wide range of issues involved in employment law. When representing management, Hallal offers insights into strategies that can enhance a company’s prevention, compliance, and best practices protocols.

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