Based out of Boston, Boston Harbor Angels serves as a group of angel investors seeking to find investment opportunities. Since its inception, it has funded entities in the information technology, consumer retail, Internet, manufacturing and other industries.

Entrepreneurs wanting to obtain capital from this group should visit to learn about the group’s expectations, perform a self-assessment, and determine if they fit the requirements of this organization. If they do, they must submit an online application providing important details, such as business plans.

If the Boston Harbor Angels’ nominating committee is interested in the firm, they invite the applicant for a screening meeting. During this interview, submitters are required to give a 10-minute presentation and answer questions from a small group of the investors. After they pass this test, they must present to the organization’s full membership and respond to additional queries. Subsequently, Boston Harbor Angels will perform due diligence on the aspiring firm. Members of the group who decide to invest will then negotiate terms with the entrepreneur.

About the Author:

The founding partner at Acceleration Law, John Hallal dedicates his career to business law. Particularly interested in new and emerging businesses, Hallal belongs to the Boston Harbor Angels.