An attorney and partner at Acceleration Law Group, John Hallal has garnered many years of experience counseling clients. Outside of work, he enjoys an active lifestyle and regularly plays tennis and golf. In the winter, John Hallal enjoys skiing, although safety remains an important aspect of his hobby.

Individuals must ensure that they purchase the proper gear to protect themselves when skiing. Helmets prove essential for novice and experienced skiers alike. Studies have shown that the majority of head injuries while skiing happen to intermediate or advanced skiers going down steep slopes at high speeds. A proper helmet drastically reduces the chance of injury. Researchers have demonstrated that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious injury by up to 56 percent.

Skiers have a number of options when purchasing a helmet and the correct choice largely depends on personal preference. Individuals should always ensure a proper fit and verify that the helmet does not impair their hearing. A trend of “audio helmets” has arisen. These helmets allow skiers to listen to music, but this can prove dangerous on the slopes, where skiers must be able to hear warnings. Individuals who engage in more dangerous forms of skiing, such as freerides, may want to consider a full-face helmet.